9 Things To Expect When Shark Diving

It’s another adventure that appeals to your adrenalin requirements. Shark diving is not for the weak at heart. Not because you are most likely to become fish bait. Not because you may be needing prosthetics when you get back to dry land. Let’s face it, there is something about sharks that brings about a certain dangerous excitement. Sharks are not entirely amiable and the chances of getting really close to one without getting mauled to the bone are really slim. That is until shark dive adventures came to be. A totally different experience from an oceanarium, a shark dive is a one of a kind experience you will never forget. Here’s what to expect from the most exciting adventure that ever hit the ocean.Shark diving in south afrika

1. You will require to take basic scuba diving lessons. After training it’s now on to the big waters. Your instructor will will make sure that you are performing the activity at your own pace, relaxed and comfortable. You be able to make friends with your co-divers and use your learning to use your gear.

2. Shark dive instructors will be giving you short but complete instructions about the dive boundary, dive techniques, hand signals and safety procedures.

3. A shark dive will require you to know how to utilize a compass for you to know where you are under the water, and you will also be taught how to help your co-diver just in case he gets in trouble. You will also learn how to list your oxygen consumption and write down your diving experience.

4. Expect to get familiarized with your gear and learn how to operate it. Being underwater is entirely different from being in a swimming pool, you will be required to get accustomed to a different kind of pressure in the open sea, and your scuba diving lessons will take care of that.

5. A shark diving adventure will require you to breathe from a tank, which is another activity that will be taught to you in scuba lessons. Since tank breathing requires more effort than normal breathing, inform your instructors right away if you have medical conditions that involve the respiratory system.

6. Expect that you may have difficulty in descending into deeper waters. Beginners make use of a Buoyancy Device which helps control your ascent and descent.

7. As you slowly descend into deeper waters, your beginner’s anxiety slowly fades as you see the beauty of the ocean from a fish’s perspective. When you get to encounter what you are diving for, expect that urge to panic. Calm yourself and remember what you trained for and learned. Enjoy the experience and always be aware of your instructor’s commands.

8. A beginner at shark diving is expected to swim close to the group and not wander around. Risks are sure to be eliminated during this adventure and most accidents are caused by participants who do not heed safety precautions and those who do not respect the marine environment.

9. As you were introduced to the great adventure that is shark diving, expect that you will be debriefed after the activity. Here’s the chance to get to speak about how your experience was and what went right and wrong.