Nature Program Area
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  • Environmental Science
    This merit badge is required for Eagle. Each day, participants will go on short hikes, take field notes, and perform experiments. There is a great deal of written material. We recommend that Scouts be at least 13 years of age in order to participate.
  • Nature
    Nature merit badge provides an excellent introduction to the Nature area as it surveys the sciences that connect wildlife, habitats, ecosystems, and humans. Activities during the week include hiking, exploring, observations, and discussions. 
  • Soil and Water Conservation
    Scouts will learn about the importance of plants and water conservation as well as eriosion and our duty for conservation.  There is a lot of written material for this badge and Requirement #7a should be done from home before arrival.
  • Forestry
    Scouts will explore the complexity of forests and trees and the resources they provide to humans. Scouts will identify many species of trees and plants and the roles they play in a forest's life cycle. Participants should bring a notebook for their leaf collection.
  • Weather
    Scouts will build a weather instrument and use it to track the weather during their week of camp. An interest or background in weather or meteorology is helpful, as the merit badge requirements are very information-heavy. 
  • Reptile and Amphibian
    Scouts will develop knowledge about reptiles and amphibians in order to lead them to a stronger appreciation for all native wildlife.  Requirement 8 will not be completed at camp, as it requires a Scout to keep a reptile or amphibian for at least one month. Reptile and Amphibian Study is not recommended for Scouts who are very afraid of snakes, although the week's activities may help lessen any mild fears.  The Ecology staff is well-trained in the safe capture and handling of non-venomous snakes.
  • Fishing
    Scouts will learn the most likely hazards that can arise during a fishing activity. During their fishing activitiy, scouts will learn about the proper attire and fishing gear to use.  Earning this badge will get you one step closer to the Complete Angler Award.