Cub Scout Camp Off-Season Camping

Campsites will be available for reservation except for the summer camp seasonal months of June, July and August. To tent camp the cost is $2.50 per-person/per-day.

The Belk Lodge is camping facility we have that is in the Cub Scout Camp side of the Scout Reservation. This facility is a bunk-house style home with separate sleeping quarters for adults. The cost of the Belk Lodge is $50 a day.

The Smith Lodge is a training facility located in the Cub Scout Camp that can be rented out for day activities or outside groups. This building is not set up for overnight stays. The cost can vary for this rental, please contact the Council Office for more information.

The Akela Shelter is an outdoor shelter that accommodates about 100 or so people. Attached to the back of the Akela Shelter is a very small kitchen area and bathhouse.  The cost for the Akela Shelter is $35 a day and goes well with the surrounding campsites 1-6.

The Bear and Wolf Shelters are smaller shelters that only accomodate about 10 people.  These shelters come free with the cost of a campsite but have to be reserved for your unit's use.

Family Cabins are two-bedroom homes that include a kitchen, living room and bathroom.  There are two family cabins available for reservations and they are located in the climbing tower field. These cabins are ideal for families that want indoor facilities for a weekend.  No linens provided. The cost for this reservation is $75 a day.