Merit Badge Prerequisite Information

Most merit badges can be completed at camp.  However, these classes are more prone to partials if prerequisites are not completed:

Archery Be able to draw a 22 lb. bow ten times consecutively
Citizenship in the Nation Req. # 5 & 8
Citizenship in the World Req. #7
Communications Req. #5,8
Emergency Preparedness First Aid Merit Badge  Emergency Prep. Req.#1, 2c, 8b
First Aid Tenderfoot req. 4; Second Class req. 6; First Class req. 7
Forestry Req. #1
Geocaching Req. #7
Lifeguard-BSA Age Requirement 15
Orienteering Req. # 7, 8,9,10
Pistol & Safety Marks. Age Requirement 14, or 13 and completed 8th Grade
Reptile & Amphibian Req.#8
Salemanship Req. #5
Search & Rescue Req. #5,6,&7
Soil & Water Conservation Req. #7a
Weather Req, #6,8,9
Wilderness Survival Req. #5
Wood Carving Earn Totin' Chip Award