Older Scout Programs

Camp Bud Schiele and the Council Camping Committee are working diligently to provide a quality program for all scouts.  Especially, our older scouts that have attended camp for 3 years or more.  This year, our staff and volunteers will be bringing new merit badges to our older scouts that provide trade skills knowledge.  There is nothing more rewarded than introducing trades and helping scouts discover a skill set that can help them find their calling.

  • Electricity
  • Plumbing
  • Welding
  • Aviation
  • Metalwok w/Blacksmithing
  • Advanced Shotgun
    Another older scout program instills a greater knowledge of shooting sports.  If scouts have already taken the shotgun merit badge, Advanced Shotgun might be of interest.  Scouts will hone their skills and learn how to do skeet shooting and trap shooting. Class-(45 minutes) Start out with a safety briefing and reminders of the NRA safety rules. And a briefing of how the course works. 
    • 1st Phase- Youth will Shoot real true trap- from 5 positions, and clays (targets) are either going left right or straight. The machine is set to wobble. 1st Phase each youth will shoot a round of 25 clays twice.
    • 2nd Phase-Youth will Shoot Modified Skeet layout with a High House, Low House, and doubles, and crossing targets. 2nd Phase  each youth will shoot a round of 25 clays twice.
    • 3rd Phase- Youth will participate in shooting games like “Golf” team with lowest number of misses wins, and other variations of shooting games, etc. 
    • Maximum Number of Scouts for class is dependent on number of Instructors available.
    • During summer camp this is 1 day class that is all day. (8:30am-4:30pm)
  • Pistol & Safety Marksmanship
    The Boy Scouts of America is proud to partner with the National Rifle Association to provide youth with a beginner pistol experience that focuses on the safe and responsible use of firearms. Scouts will have the opportunity to learn gun safety in a controlled environment with trained instructors.  If scouts qualify, they will be eligible for the NRA Pro-Marksmanship Award that comes with a certificate, rocker, and medal.
  • Black Powder/Muzzleloading
    Scouts will learn how to shoot a muzzleloader while having fun shooting that hone their skills from large to small targets.
  • Cowboy Action
    Scouts will be shooting.22 caliber lever-action henry rifle, a .22 caliber revolver, and a double-barrell stage coach shotgun at reactive drop-down steel targets.