Trailhead Program

The Trailhead Program (aka First Year Camper) is designed to help new scouts advance in rank and acclimate to the summer camp environment. The ultimate goal is for new Scouts to be more proficient in Scout skills while completing requirements for rank advancement. Scouts in Trailhead will use the Patrol Method and be taught using the EDGE method. Scouts who register to participate in the Trailhead program should currently be working towards Scout, Tenderfoot, and/or Second Class Rank.

Tenderfoot Requirements

3a,b,c,d; 4a,b,c,d; 5a,b,c; 7a; 8

Second class Requirements

1b; 2a,b,c,d,f,g; 3a,c,d; 4; 5a,b,c,d; 6a,b,c,d,e; 8a,b; 9a,b

Scout Requirements

1a,c,d,e,f; 2b,c,d; 3a,b; 4a,b; 5